The Eastern Sierra region of California is a treasure trove of natural beauty and photographic opportunities. Marvel at the majestic beauty of snow-capped mountains in the early morning light, experience the humility of standing amongst ancient trees as old as the pyramids, savor the serenity of stunning glacial lakes, and enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of gurgling geothermal hot springs. Capturing the majestic landscapes of the Eastern Sierra is a bucket list item for many amateur and professional photographers.

What makes the Eastern Sierra region so unique?

Much of the Sierra Nevada consists of federal lands protected from development or strictly managed. The mountain range is home to three national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon), two national monuments (Giant Sequoia and Devil’s Postpile), ten national forests, 26 wilderness areas, and the second deepest lake in North America (Lake Tahoe).

The Eastern Sierra region, stretching from Lone Pine at the southern end to the Nevada border in the north, contains some of California’s most impressive superlatives, including highest, lowest, deepest, biggest, tallest, largest, hottest, and oldest.

From 14,000-foot mountain peaks to sage-filled plains and the world’s largest calderas, every corner of the Eastern Sierra Corridor is a photographer’s delight. The landscapes’ diversity and the geological formations’ uniqueness make it a remarkable destination for amateur and professional photography enthusiasts.

Why you should dive into a once-in-a-lifetime Eastern Sierra Masterclass

Calling the Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass a photography workshop doesn’t do it justice; this Masterclass is truly the definition of an adventure. Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of California’s Eastern Sierra Corridor in a unique and full-immersion learning experience that leads you through an incredible tapestry of natural wonders. Each location offers unique photographic challenges and opportunities, making every day of the journey an adventure in itself.

This Masterclass offers a chance to capture the region’s natural beauty through your lens and to grow as a photographer. Guided by a seasoned, passionate fine art landscape photographer, you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and creativity, discovering the countless photographic opportunities this remarkable destination offers.

What you can expect from our Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass

This five-day Masterclass encompasses an array of iconic locations. Witness the majestic Mt. Whitney standing tall amidst the dynamic rock formations of Alabama Hills. Bask in the geological wonders of the Hot Creek Geological Site where natural hot springs bubble within a rocky gorge.

Marvel at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, home to some of the oldest living trees in the world, nestled high in the White Mountains. Let the tranquil beauty of the Owens River Valley captivate your senses, and the spectacular Tufa Towers of Mono Lake astound you with their majesty.


During the workshop, we will cover a range of essential skills and techniques to enhance your landscape photography. Throughout this experience, you can expect to:

    • Gain techniques to manage complex lighting situations, including highlights and shadows.
    • Understand the purpose and practical usage of filters.
    • Discover methods for planning and capturing blended blue hour composites.
    • Develop skills to achieve precise focus in nighttime photography, capturing sharp stars and foreground elements.
    • Utilize apps like PhotoPills to enhance shoot planning and organization.
    • Explore advanced techniques such as dynamic bracketing and exposure blending.
    • Learn about focus stacking and blending focal lengths for creative compositions.
    • Understand the use of neutral density filters for achieving desired effects.
    • Discover stacking techniques for noise reduction.
    • Receive hands-on guidance and personalized instruction to refine your skills.

In the Classroom

During the classroom phase of the Eastern Sierra Photography Adventure, we’ll delve into post-production techniques that bring your images to life. You will learn how to:

    • Develop your post-production workflow, determining when to use Lightroom and when to utilize Photoshop.
    • Master techniques such as luminosity masks to address contrast, color, and blending issues.
    • Blend multiple images in Photoshop to create blue hour blends, focal length blends, and exposure blends.
    • Utilize star stacking to achieve crisp and detailed starry night skies.
    • Create Orton glows and sharpen your final image.
    • Use apps like ProPanel to increase workflow efficiency.

The Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass extends far beyond the technical.

Beyond the technical aspects, this is a unique opportunity to connect with nature and fellow photographers, to share experiences and insights, and to create lasting memories.

You’ll benefit from hours of field capture time with an instructor by your side, guiding you through new techniques and strategies for creating dynamic images. This full-immersion field and classroom learning experience is complemented by comfortable lodging, field meals, snacks, and ground transportation during the workshop.

Curious about this Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass?

If you’re keen to elevate your landscape photography to new heights in breathtaking locations, consider embarking on a full-immersion Masterclass. This unique approach will provide an all-encompassing learning experience, combining classroom sessions, on-site guidance, and personalized mentoring.

You’ll develop a comprehensive production workflow and acquire the skills and confidence to capture awe-inspiring landscape photographs. As an accomplished fine art landscape photographer, I possess extensive knowledge and experience that I’m enthusiastic about sharing through my exclusive landscape photography tours.

Consider this your formal invitation to join me on my next excursion, regardless of your skill level. These workshops are designed to accommodate photographers at any stage of your journey, enabling you to learn from a master photographer and enhance your photographic style.

Let The Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass become your path to discovering the breathtaking beauty of California’s Eastern Sierra Corridor. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m excited to discuss your passion for photography and provide you with any answers you want.