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Slot canyons are rare and beautiful natural formations that exist in only a few places in the world. They are narrow passages between towering sandstone walls created by the perfect combination of desert, geology, and flash-flooding. In the United States, these intricate mazes of light and shadow are mainly found in the high-elevation desert along the border of Utah and Arizona. Every slot canyon is unique, with some being gentle and others being treacherous, with giant boulders to climb, ice-cold pools to swim through, and walls so narrow that the average hiker can’t fit through without turning to the side and sucking in their stomach.

On the day I took this photo, there were high winds that filled the passageways with blowing sand, which stung my face, blinded my vision, and affected my camera equipment. When I had decided that I had enough and it was time to turn back, I stumbled upon a tranquil alcove. The sand drifting down from above had created three soft sand waterfalls. It was at that moment that I could suddenly begin to envision how time, wind, and erosion had come together to create these magnificent canyons.

Location: Antelope Canyon; Page, Arizona.

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