Toroweap Sunrise

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Toroweap is perhaps the most photogenic spot in the Grand Canyon. The light can be awe-inspiring and the huge views can overwhelm the senses. At 3,000 feet (915 m) above the Colorado River, the sheer vertical drop from Toroweap Overlook offers a dramatically different view of the Grand Canyon than the ones more easily accessible at the North Rim and South Rim. Access to the Overlook is challenging and demands skill at negotiating difficult “roadways” with a 4×4 vehicle. Summers bring monsoonal rain and lightning. Winters include rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. In short, a journey to Toroweap can be a “life on the edge” experience!

The Overlook itself is situated in the middle of a straight eight-mile stretch of the Colorado River. During the winter months, the setting sun aligns with the river and can produce stunning photos. The summer months have the best sun angles for sunrise. The only way you can shoot sunrise though is to camp overnight since the access gate is locked after sunset.

Location: Toroweap Overlook; Grand Canyon National Park.