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White Pocket, a truly exclusive find within the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness area, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. While the northwest corner of the plateau boasts the well-known Coyote Buttes, including the famous Wave, the second most visited site – White Pocket – is a unique treasure located six miles southeast of the Wave.

“Discovered” by photographers 15-20 years ago, White Pocket has an upper level (to the east) and a lower level (to the west). The lower level is best shot in the mid-to-late afternoon and is in shadow at sunrise and during the blue hour. The lower level includes the formation called The Swirl, which is probably the most famous rock formation in White Pocket. The upper level is characterized by rolling waves of white and coral-colored cauliflower (aka brain) rock. This area of White Pocket is best photographed at sunrise or during the blue hour. There are also two trees on the upper level; the “First Tree” is a unique juniper tree that stands tall and is visible at the end of the short “trail” into the White Pocket. The “Second Tree” is a bit southwest of the first, a smaller juniper tree that cannot be seen from the trail but is a delightful surprise for those who venture closer.

White Pocket, a place of wonder in the daylight and under the starry night sky, offers a thrilling experience for night photography enthusiasts. The absence of ambient light, except for a faint glow from Page to the east, sets the stage for capturing the celestial beauty. The first tree, facing north, serves as an excellent foreground for the Milky Way, which takes on a more horizontal orientation from March to May and a more vertical alignment from June to August, adding a dynamic element to your shots.

Location: White PocketVermillion Cliffs Wilderness area.

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