Bisti Badlands – Night Wings



The Bisti Badlands is an extraordinary destination for hikers, explorers, and photographers, particularly those interested in astrophotography. It’s likely the closest terrestrial resemblance to the Martian landscape. Once a coastal swamp of an ancient inland sea, this otherworldly location boasts some of the most incredible sandstone formations imaginable. The Badlands provide a unique panorama in the American Southwest, earning it a spot on National Geographic Travel’s “must-visit” adventure destinations list in 2019.

Known as “The Wings,” this particular formation is located at an elevation of 6,500 feet deep within the Badlands. While the Milky Way never aligns directly behind The Wings, the night skies here are nonetheless breathtaking.

Location: Bisti Badlands; Farmington, New Mexico.

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints