Natural Bridges

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There are few places more photogenic than the rugged Oregon Coast. Lined with majestic sea stacks, colorful tide pools, and rugged cliffs, there’s really no place like the Oregon Coast to experience the raw power of the ocean! At the same time, it can be immensely serene as you walk through old-growth forests, chase the tide in hidden coves, hike secluded beaches, or take in the view of iconic lighthouses.

Without a doubt, the Oregon coastline is one of the prettiest and most geographically diverse shores in the country. Perhaps the most photogenic stretch of the coast can be found along the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor between the town of Brookings and Gold Beach. Known for its impressive sea stacks, natural arches, and rugged beaches, you’ll find waterfalls cascading down onto the beach, sea caves lined with anemone and starfish, and a fraction of the crowds you’ll see up further up the coast.

While many of the scenic locations in the Boardman Corridor are easy to get to and see, the trail to the famous Natural Bridges rocks is hidden, confusing to locate, and extremely steep. My original intent was to capture a sunrise photo with the sun rays shining through and behind the arches. I napped in my Jeep at the trailhead several hours before sunrise hoping that the heavy rains would let up enough for me to attempt the hike down the cliffs to get a photo. While I did not get my sunrise photo, I did get a photo that I have ended up liking much better, and I especially appreciate the way in which this photo captures the drama and the power of the ocean.

Location: Natural BridgesSamuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor; Brookings, Oregon.