Digital License – Mt. Hood – Morning Glow



At 11,239 feet (3,425 meters) high, Mount Hood is the fourth-highest peak in the Cascade Range. It is also the highest point in the state of Oregon and the second-most-climbed mountain in the world, after Japan’s Mt. Fujiyama. The mountain is a typical cone-shaped volcano with twelve mapped glaciers on its upper flanks.

Jonsrud Viewpoint in Sandy, Oregon, is an excellent spot for photographers to capture the stunning beauty of Mount Hood from its west side. It is located in east Clackamas County and overlooks the Sandy River Canyon, with the Sandy River forming a pathway to Mount Hood only 25 miles away. The viewpoint faces east and is perfect for a sunrise shoot, adding to the excitement of your photography adventure.

However, capturing a great photo of Mount Hood from Jonsrud Viewpoint can be challenging. As the locals say, you must seize the moment while “the Mountain is out.” Oregon’s stormy weather adds to the challenge for photographers who have only a day or two to capture their shots. The weather was overcast and quite foggy the morning I took this photo, and I wasn’t sure the mountain would come out. However, when the overcast skies and fog lifted, topped off with fresh layers of snow from the early winter storms, the mountain almost glowed in the early morning light, making the chase all the more rewarding.

Location: Mount HoodJonsrud Viewpoint; Sandy, Oregon.

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