Mt. Hood – Evening Serenity



Mount Hood stands as Oregon’s highest point and the fourth tallest peak in the Cascade Range. It ranks as the second most ascended mountain globally, trailing only behind Japan’s sacred Mt. Fuji. Characterized by its classic conical volcano shape, Mount Hood is adorned with twelve glaciers mapped along its higher slopes.

Capturing Hood’s grandeur from Jonsrud Viewpoint in Sandy, Oregon, has yielded stunning photographs, yet the serenity and tranquility one experiences from the reflection of this snow-capped giant on a glacial blue lake are unparalleled. The reflection of Mount Hood on Trillium Lake, coupled with the vibrant hues of the sunset, enhances its splendor, asserting its dominance over the Pacific Northwest landscape.

Location: Mount HoodTrillium Lake, Oregon.

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints