Hidden Cathedral



Slot canyons are beautiful natural formations with narrow passages between towering sandstone walls. Only a few places on Earth have the perfect mix of desert climate, geological features, and sudden floods to sculpt these precise formations. In the United States, these labyrinths of light and shadow are predominantly found in the high desert regions bordering Utah and Arizona. Each slot canyon offers a unique experience; some are easy to hike, with walls several feet apart, while others present a challenge with massive boulders to cross, frigid pools to traverse, and slim crevices hikers must squeeze through sideways while inhaling deeply.

During my expedition through a network of canyon corridors, I encountered a sequence of “columns” aligned like the pillars in a gothic cathedral. The ethereal light cascading from above instilled a sense of awe.

Location: Antelope Canyon; Page, Arizona.

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints