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Mesa Arch is a “pothole arch” on the eastern edge of the Island in the Sky mesa in Canyonlands National Park. The arch itself is perched on the edge of a 1,200-foot drop down into Buck Canyon. You can get a keyhole view of White Rim Country through the arch, and if you step back a few steps, you can also frame the lofty La Sal Mountains with the arch.

Technical descriptions aside, Mesa Arch is probably one of the most sought-after photo moments for amateur and professional photographers alike. It is the crown jewel of Canyonlands National Park, and I would also characterize it as one of the ultimate sunrise photos a photographer can achieve. Competition for one of the prime photo spots during sunrise is intense and you really need to be in position at the arch 2 hours or more before sunrise to ensure you’ll have one of these spots.

Location: Mesa ArchCanyonlands National Park.