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Bandon Beach on the Oregon Coast is known for its famous rock formations jutting out of the ocean and its magical sunsets. There are miles and miles of beaches to enjoy, each sprinkled with its own dramatic boulders. One of the most defining features of this stretch of coast is its many sea stacks, which are remnants of an ancient marine terrace. They make the perfect home for a great variety of sea creatures, which makes tide pooling one of the most popular activities here.

Photographers come from all over to capture these dramatic rock formations, especially at sunset when they are silhouetted with the light behind them. Because much of the weather during my trip along the Oregon coast had been dominated by the early winter storms, I had to adjust both the focus and intent of my activities. The weather had been very overcast and dominated by storm clouds the morning I arrived at Bandon Beach. For a brief period of time in the late morning, the sun was able to break through the storm clouds with the sun creating a spectacular array of beams shining down on the water.

Location:  Bandon Beach, Oregon.