Bandon Beach on the Oregon Coast is renowned for its iconic rock formations rising from the ocean and enchanting sunsets. It boasts extensive beaches, each adorned with its own set of dramatic boulders. A standout feature of this coastal stretch is the multitude of sea stacks and vestiges of an ancient marine terrace, providing a habitat for a diverse array of marine life and making tide pooling a favored activity.

Photographers from various places flock here to capture the striking rock formations, particularly during sunset when they are backlit. My trip along the Oregon coast coincided with early winter storms, necessitating adjustments to my plans. On the morning of my arrival at Bandon Beach, storm clouds prevailed, but late in the morning, the sun pierced through, casting a breathtaking pattern of light beams onto the water.

Location:  Bandon Beach, Oregon.

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints