Gentle Impressions



Bandon Beach, located on the Oregon Coast, is renowned for its iconic rock formations emerging from the ocean and enchanting sunsets. The coastline offers extensive beaches, each adorned with its own set of striking boulders. A key characteristic of this coastal area is the abundance of sea stacks, which are vestiges of an old marine terrace. These formations provide an ideal habitat for a diverse array of marine life, making tide pooling a favored activity here.

Photographers from various places flock here to photograph these imposing rock structures, particularly during sunset when they are backlit and cast dramatic silhouettes. Due to the early winter storms affecting the weather on the first day of my visit, I decided to stay another day. This decision paid off, as the following morning greeted me with clearer skies, allowing the soft dawn light to gently highlight the sun’s impression.

Location:  Bandon Beach, Oregon.

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints