Manly Beacon



Manly Beacon is a stunning rock formation located at the center of Death Valley. It is known for the beautiful patterns created by the sun on the ground around it. The beacon stands tall against the backdrop of Badwater Basin and distant mountains. At sunrise, the golden light highlights its shape, making it a mesmerizing sight for adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

The rock formation’s name comes from William L. Manly, a pioneer who traveled through Death Valley during the California Gold Rush of 1849. However, Manly Beacon’s story dates back even further. Millennia ago, an ancient lake covered this land, leaving behind sediments that now form the Furnace Creek Formation. As the lake disappeared and the climate shifted, the beacon emerged as a testament to nature’s endurance.

Photographers and nature lovers come to Zabriskie Point to watch the sunrise over the mountains. They are drawn not just by the beauty of the landscape but also by the dance of light and shadows. The Manly Beacon, standing tall and resolute against time, becomes their muse. At sunrise, it blazes like a lighthouse for the soul. Photographs capture not just the rock and light but also the heartbeat of the desert awakening.

A framed image of Manly Beacon on your wall becomes your guide, anchoring your spirit to nature’s beauty and resilience. Owning this image is an invitation to witness the sun’s ascent, feel the pulse of ancient stone, and connect with the whispers of pioneers. May Manly Beacon’s resilience echo in your heart and ignite your mornings with wonder and gratitude.

Location: Death Valley National Park, Zabriskie Point

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints