McWay Falls



In the heart of Big Sur, where the rugged California coast meets the Pacific Ocean, there lies a place of stunning beauty – McWay Falls. This 80-foot-tall waterfall is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and is more than just a natural wonder; it’s a portal to dreams.

McWay Falls flows down McWay Creek, its path shaped by the passage of time. It’s named after Christopher McWay, an early settler in the area, and embodies resilience. Imagine pioneers and indigenous people sharing this cove, their footsteps echoing through the eons. The fall’s significance goes beyond its height; it reminds us that nature’s artistry outlasts human endeavors. In years past, the 80-foot waterfall landed right in the ocean. A 1983 landslide deposited sand at the base of the waterfall and created the sandy cove seen today beside McWay Falls. Now McWay Falls only kisses the ocean when high tide waves roll ashore. Because it can spill right into the ocean, McWay Falls can be categorized as a “tidefall,” making it a rare attraction.

Photographers from all over the world come to McWay Falls, not just for its beauty but for the unique setting it offers. The waterfall plunges into an untouched cove framed by rugged cliffs, and the sun illuminates the falls, creating a spectacular scene often described as poetry in motion. Here, the camera captures water, rock, and the sense of wonder that the falls inspire. McWay Falls whispers: “I’ve witnessed storms and sunsets; I’ve cradled dreams.”

Imagine bringing a piece of this coastal magic into your home. With a framed picture of McWay Falls on your wall, you can look at it whenever you want and feel a sense of serenity. Owning this image isn’t just about pixels; it’s about anchoring your spirit. It’s a reminder that even in impermanence, beauty endures. The falls’ mist, the sun’s last kiss – they’re yours to savor. Let McWay Falls inspire awe, and may its timeless allure ignite your wanderlust.

Location: Big Sur Coast, McWay Falls

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints