Long Beach Lions Lighthouse



The Long Beach Lions Lighthouse, also known as the “Lions Lighthouse for Sight” is situated in the Shoreline Village area of Long Beach, California. This remarkable 10-story-tall structure is a tribute to both vision and empathy and serves not just as a navigational aid but also as a reminder of humanity’s unwavering commitment.

The Downtown Long Beach Lions Club rallied to fund this non-functioning “faux” lighthouse, which was dedicated to Lions Clubs International’s mission to end blindness worldwide. The lighthouse was officially dedicated in December 2000 and stands tall as a symbol of hope and purpose beyond the visible horizon.

Photographers flock to capture the Lions Lighthouse for Sight not just for its visual beauty but also for the compassion it represents. During sunset, when the sky blushes and the lighthouse silhouette emerges, the sea murmurs its ancient song, and the lens captures strength and vulnerability. Photographers seek not just images but the pulse of empathy, the echo of kindness, and the rustle of shared dreams. The Lions Lighthouse becomes their muse, inviting them to dance with the intangible.

Owning a photograph of the Lions Lighthouse is not just for decoration but also to anchor your spirit to the edge of compassion. Hang it where the morning light spills through your window, and let the Lions Lighthouse for Sight remind you that life is a journey and sometimes, we find our guiding light.

Location: Long Beach, Long Beach Lions Lighthouse

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints