Venice Beach – Luminaries of Pantheism Mural



The Luminaries of Pantheism Mural was commissioned by The Paradise Project for their headquarters in Venice, Los Angeles, in 2015. It is not just a visual masterpiece, but also a philosophical journey. Conceived by the project’s founder, Perry Rod, and designed by graphic artist Peter Moriarty, this 75-foot-long mural brings to life sixteen luminaries who have influenced our collective consciousness. Imagine standing in front of this magnificent wall, where the genius of Albert Einstein is intertwined with the poetic musings of Emily Dickinson, and where Carl Jung’s archetypes converse with Rumi’s mysticism. Each figure, including Albert Watts, Baruch Spinoza, and Terence McKenna, represents a different aspect of pantheism, the belief that divinity permeates all existence. This mural is not static; it is a living dialogue and an invitation to explore the cosmos within and without.

The Luminaries of Pantheism Mural is not just a visual spectacle; it is a symphony of ideas. Photographers gather, and their cameras aim to capture more than just faces and colors. The mural is a play of wisdom – the furrowed brow of Carl Sagan, the ethereal gaze of Rumi. The light dances on the mural’s surface, revealing layers of thought and the interconnectedness of science, spirituality, and art. But it is more than aesthetics; it merges easily into everyday life. A passerby pauses, drawn by Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s fierce determination or Adi Shankara’s meditative serenity. The mural is not aloof; it is part of the boardwalk’s heartbeat – the pulse of Venice. Photographers capture its angles, seeking to immortalize an image and a glimpse into eternity. The Luminaries of Pantheism Mural is not a static frame; it is a portal – a way to touch the hem of cosmic understanding.

Owning the Luminaries of Pantheism Mural is about expanding your inner universe. Hang it in your study, and you will feel the whispers of ancient wisdom – the same currents that shaped galaxies. Place it in your living room, and let its luminaries ignite conversations – their thoughts echoing through your space. Gift it to a seeker, and watch their eyes widen – their quest for meaning mirrored in the mural’s brushstrokes. This image is not just a photograph; it is a pilgrimage – a reminder that we are stardust, connected to the luminaries who pondered existence under the same cosmic canopy.

Location: Los Angeles, Venice Beach

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints