Santa Monica Pier – Route 66



The Santa Monica Pier was built in 1909 as a humble dock for cargo ships. Over the years, it has transformed into a hub for entertainment and a place where life unfolds against the backdrop of crashing waves. In the 1920s, the pier hosted dance marathons, jazz bands, and flapper-clad revelers. In 1941, it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark, acknowledging its enduring importance to the community. Today, the pier still stands with its iconic Ferris wheel, nostalgic carousel, and the neon glow of Pacific Park, continuing to weave memories into its very planks.

Photographers come to the Santa Monica Pier to capture more than just wood and salt. It’s the interplay of light—the golden hour casting a warm glow on the Ferris wheel’s spokes, the twilight painting the sky with pastels. The pier’s dynamic nature invites exploration—the fishermen casting lines, the children chasing seagulls, the couples stealing kisses against the railing. It’s more than aesthetics; it’s the ease with which the pier merges into everyday life. A street musician strums a guitar; a painter captures the sunset, and a family shares cotton candy. The pier is a part of our collective album, the soundtrack of memories.

Owning an image of the Santa Monica Pier is like holding a sun-soaked postcard—a reminder that joy, like the tides, returns faithfully. Hang it in your living room, and you’ll feel the sea breeze tousle your hair, the echoes of laughter from generations past. This image isn’t just a photograph; it’s an invitation—to stroll along the wooden planks, taste salt on your lips, and celebrate life’s simple pleasures. The Santa Monica Pier is a carousel of memories waiting for you to step aboard.

Location: Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints