OE109 – Ballona Lagoon Bridge



The Ballona Lagoon Bridge connects two worlds, the bustling Venice Beach Boardwalk and the serene Marina Peninsula. It was designed by Abbot Kinney, the visionary behind Venice of California. The bridge was meant to be a gateway for wanderers, cyclists, and dreamers. It has witnessed generations of laughter, footsteps, and musings. The city of Los Angeles recognizes its significance and recommends Historic-Cultural Monument status. It is a piece of coastal history that bridges not only water but also memories.

The Ballona Lagoon Bridge is not just a structure. It inspires photographers to capture its interplay of light, steel, and shadows. The bridge’s simplicity invites exploration by cyclists, seagulls, and joggers. It merges seamlessly into everyday life, allowing couples to pause for a kiss, joggers to race the sunset, and artists to sketch its silhouette. It is a part of the lagoon’s heartbeat, and photographers seek to immortalize an image and a passage to cross from ordinary to extraordinary.

Owning an image of the Ballona Lagoon Bridge is an invitation to feel the lagoon’s gentle sway and reminisce about sunsets and salt air. Its simplicity can inspire creativity in a study, and it can widen a friend’s eyes, blending their own stories with the bridge’s silhouette. The image is not just a photograph but a promise that every crossing leads to new horizons.

Location: Los Angeles, Ballona Lagoon Bridge Trail

Media: Fine Art Landscape Prints