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Becoming a great photographer takes time, patience, and practice. You can own the best camera gear, shoot in the best locations, and work with the best subjects, but the key is developing the skills needed to take your images from being good images to “WOW” images. The following online photography classes target many of the skill sets and techniques needed to help you make that transition.
The details for participating in online photography classes will be forwarded to you several days prior to the date of the class. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


Landscape Photography Exposure Blending in Photoshop

Coming September 2022

Guardian of the Sea Stacks - Secret Beach in the Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor, Oregon Coastline

If you’ve been in the world of digital photography for even a short length of time, you’re probably aware of HDR photography. The problems of typical HDR are many and extremely well documented – noisy, soft, oversaturated and surreal-looking images.

But is there a better alternative? Fortunately, the answer is yes! It is a process by which you manually blend your bracketed images in Photoshop, known as exposure blending or digital blending.

In this course, we’ll take you through the steps involved with blending two or more exposures together for contrast control, increased dynamic range, or creative purposes without getting the HDR look!

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