Royalty-Free Digital Licenses

A Royalty-Free License is an all-encompassing license that does not restrict you to predetermined usage. Price is determined by the size of the image you license, and you can use the image as many times and in any format you need with the full understanding that this is a non-exclusive license subject to the following restrictions as to how the image is used:

    • This license allows you to use this image for promotional and editorial purposes (e.g., websites, blogs, brochures, mailers, business cards, etc.
    • This image cannot be used for advertising or promotional purposes, such as broadcast, print covers, etc.
    • This license does NOT include CD covers, inserts, or any other type of packaging.

If you desire exclusivity so that others cannot use the same image, please get in touch with an Art Specialist here.

Types of Licenses:

    • Small (640 Pixels)    –    Good for web-based-only usage.
    • Medium (2048 Pixels)    –    Best for larger web usage (full-screen web, presentations, and small prints).
    • Large (4000 Pixels)    –    Highest quality, allowing for maximum use across digital and print.