Travel Photography Workshops

Master the Art of Landscape Photography Workshop Heading

If you want to take your landscape photography to new heights of personal expression, technical mastery, and artistic distinction, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to embark on an epic adventure where we will learn the art of landscape photography.

My workshops are small, intimate, collegial, hands-on, and conducive to all experience levels, from novice to professional. They are designed to help you improve your photography, immerse yourself in the experience of connecting with the environment, and express the “heart and soul” of that experience in your landscape art.

Most of my travel photography workshops include all ground transportation, lodging, and photographic instruction before/during/after the workshop. My workshops are designed to create the best possible experience – with maximum value and minimal hassles – while providing you with the best photographic experience and instruction.

Workshop - Yosemite in Winter
Workshop - Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, & Monument Valley
Workshop - Yosemite in Spring
Workshop - Oregon - Rugged Seascapes & Ancient Redwoods
Workshop - Oregon - Columbia River Gorge
Workshop - Bisti Badlands
Workshop - Joshua Tree National Park

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The Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass

Capturing the Majestic Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra, Grand Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Masterclass, Owens River Marshland in the Eastern Sierra near Big Pine

The Eastern Sierra region, stretching from Lone Pine at the southern end to the Nevada border in the north, contains some of California’s most impressive superlatives, including highest, lowest, deepest, biggest, tallest, largest, hottest, and oldest.

Marvel at the majestic beauty of snow-capped mountains in the early morning light, experience the humility of standing amongst ancient trees as old as the pyramids, savor the serenity of stunning glacial lakes, and enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of gurgling geothermal hot springs. 

Next Date, 2025

White Pocket Astrophotography Masterclass

White Pocket - Astro Photography - Lone Tree

Capture stunning night skies and breathtaking desert foregrounds in a world-class Dark Sky photography destination while enjoying the convenience of a fully outfitted remote camp for two nights.

Conditions for Astrophotography will be almost ideal this week. Moonset will occur around 7 PM, and the Galactic Center will become visible around 8:30 PM. The Galactic Center will be mostly vertical, making for spectacular skies. Be prepared to capture sunsets, sunrises, and some of the best night skies in the continental U.S.

Next Date, 2025

Death Valley Backcountry Adventure

Death Valley NP - Zabriskie Point

Most photography workshops barely scratch the surface of this fantastic park because many of the “best” locations are only accessible using 4×4 high-clearance vehicles on rough backcountry roads.

We’ll trek to three of the most remote and spectacular areas of the park that seldom get seen: Racetrack Playa – where the famous “sailing stones” are found; the Eureka Sand Dunes – the tallest dunes in California and possibly North America; and the Ubehehe Crater – a half-mile wide volcanic crater.

Next Date, 2025

Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

Explore some of the most inspiring scenic vistas in North America and capture intimate photographs of the many animals in the parks with their young calves and cubs.

Next Date, 2025